TAB INDIA | Man. Machine. Material.

Nate Matson: Producer | Director | Editor | Camera

Communist Daughter - Keep MovingCom

Nate Matson: Director | Editor 

Liquid Music: Poliça and stargaze: "How Is This Happening?

Nate Matson: Director | Editor | Camera 

Additional Cameras: Patrick Pelham and Joe Clark 

the gardener- tiny deaths (a visual collaboration)

Nate Matson: Director | Editor | Camera 

Caroline Smith - Child of Moving On (UNRELEASED, REDDIT EXCLUSIVE)

Nate Matson: Camera Operator

Safety Ranger: NPR Tiny Desk Concert contest entry

Band: Safety Ranger

Nate Matson: Director | Editor

Angela Matson: Camera Operator

Ryan Melling: Camera Operator

Ann Nelson: Designer


Speed's the Name - Holy Ghost

Nate Matson: Producer/Director/Camera Operator/Editor/Color

Speed's the Name - The River

Nate Matson: Director/Camera Operator/Editor